Electronics & Automation

The job of electronics in automation is to transmit, convert, protect and supply. Weidmuller put together practical solutions for these functions - for maximum safety and efficiency in machine construction, materials handling, energy generation and process technology. Discover how we rise to your challenges.

Weidmuller Analog Signal Conditioning Distributors
Analog Signal Conditioning

In all types of electronic industrial and marine measurement and control systems - for example in processes such as power plants, steelworks, water and waste plants, oil and gas production and chemical processing. In fact, wherever temperature, pressure, level, flow, weight, speed, etc., is measured and controlled as part of a continuous or batch production process. Such measurement parameters - after being accurately produced - must not be degraded on their way from the field to the control room, despite external influences from the atmosphere and installation. Conversion or changes to these signals requires electronics of the highest quality, which can also withstand wide ambient temperature changes, electro-magnetic interference, vibration, corrosive or hazardous conditions. You are looking for isolating amplifiers which convert, isolate, monitor and visualise your digital and analog signal values from industrial and process automation, e.g. temperature, pressure, level, flow volumes, weight and speed. Weidmuller's range of switching amplifiers makes it a powerful partner in light of the increasing use of automation.

Weidmuller Miniature Circuit Breakers Distributors
Circuit Protection

Weidmuller's DIN-rail mounted circuit breakers are available for use in applications where circuit protection must be able to distinguish between circuit overloads and short circuits. Each circuit breaker has the ability to be reset without the need to change components. All circuit breakers are available with an assortment of jumpers and marking tags.

Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet Modules Distributors
Industrial Ethernet

The communication between components in the automation technology is increasingly realized with Industrial Ethernet. This technology is becoming more popular. The common goal of both manufacturer and user is to make networking automation system components easier and more effective. Weidmuller network modules provide safe communication from field levels up to control levels. Indeed, Weidmuller‘s network components create a complete communications infrastructure for industrial applications in machine construction, process and plant engineering and energy.

Weidmuller u-link Remote Maintenance Distributors
Maintenance/Cloud Service

The remote maintenance of machines and plants is often designed such that it is very complex and time-consuming, and there is also the demand for a targeted and safeguarded functional connection to the associated IT systems. Weidmuller u-link guarantees quick and secure access to machines and plants, which makes remote maintenance easier while also allowing for the efficient management of production plants and user clients.

Weidmuller Measuring & Monitoring Systems Distributors
Measuring/Monitoring System

If resources are to be used efficiently, electrical characteristics must be measured and monitored with precision. Weidmuller product for string monitoring in the photovoltaic segment ensure a reliable module and plant monitoring. Your plant is protected at all times and you continuously receive information for a performance-optimised operation.

Weidmuller PLC Interface Units Distributors
PLC Interface Units

The increasing complexity of machines and systems presents ever greater challenges to companies, even in the wiring between controllers and sensors/actuators. To address this issue, Weidmuller PLC interface units not only ensure flawless connections within systems but, through simplified cabling, they also significantly reduce the materials and effort required and minimise failure sources.

Weidmuller Modular Power Supplies Distributors
Power Supply

The switch-mode power supplies feature a high degree of efficiency, compact dimensions and minimal heat generation. They are an excellent, reliable solution for providing power in all automation applications - safely providing 24 V DC voltage. The different product series are optimised for the automation industry: they feature Ex approvals for the processing industry, a flat shape perfect for distribution tasks within buildings, or provide decentralised control voltages. All-purpose usage: with a wide range of AC/DC inputs, single-, double- or three-phase versions, and a wide temperature range. Additional performance increases are possible using simple parallel circuitry. Weidmuller switch-mode power supplies can be depended upon for all applications because of their high efficiency and their resistance to both short circuits and overloads. Weidmuller offers a system of one- and three-phase swtichmode power supplies especially for Weidmuller PROmax family. These can be expanded with additional modules to create whole system solutions. The appropriate system can be assembled for any type of application: with redundancy circuits containing decoupled outputs, monitoring of the output voltage or triggering of circuit breakers.

Weidmuller Relays & Solid-State Relays Distributors
Relay/Solid-State Relay

Relay modules and solid-state relays from Weidmuller are noted for their reliability and durability. Weidmuller product line not only includes industrial relays but solid-state relays, SIL relays and SSL relays for industrial applications. They are available in a range of designs from modular terminal housings to DIN rail-mountable sockets.

Weidmuller Lightning & Surge Protection Distributors
Surge Protection

The priority you give to overvoltage protection depends on your willingness to take risks! Perhaps you think "it’ll never happen to me". Then you won’t have lost anything, but will have gained only very little. However, the subject of overvoltage is then a daily worry for you. But if you wish to be on the safe side, you should include overvoltage protection in your corporate strategy. You will profit from such an investment in operational safety and can prevent a disaster with Weidmuller's surge protection for power, signal and data. In addition, electrical systems are considerably more sensitive to the indirect electrical discharge a lightning bolt can produce. Lightning strikes can generate secondary voltages in anything that conducts and can therefore seriously endanger the insulation of electrical equipment.

Weidmuller Uninterruptible Power Supplies Distributors
Uninterruptible Power Supply

Weidmuller‘s uninterruptible power supplies reliably protect 24 V DC consumers from voltage drop-outs and dips, such as those that could occur as a result of mains faults. These products therefore play a key role in increasing systems availability. The buffer module is the perfect solution for bridging short-term power supply failures or dips of up to 100 ms. The capacitor-based technology enables maintenance-free operation, depending on the application, of up to 10 years. Weidmuller UPS control unit, together with the accompanying battery module and the power supply, form a complete DC UPS system with support times in minutes or hours. The modular construction allows for the overall load to be distributed into non-safe and safe load circuits, such that often a smaller UPS can be designed. A huge variety of operating types are available to suit the particular application precisely. A remote input to block battery operation, as well as multiple signal outputs, enable remote operation of the UPS.