Indicator/Configurable Display

In industrial and process automation, displays provide a visual rendering of data and an digital presentation of electrical and non-electrical measurements. They provide essential diagnostics, logging and operational guidance when operating machines and facilities. Weidmuller displays make dialogue-based operations possible. They show measurements, error messages and also allow processes to be monitored. Weidmuller displays can also feature digital and analogue outputs, interference-suppression functions, or the ability to calculate certain process variables internally. This turns a simple display into a high-quality rocess interface capable of independently controlling subprocesses.

Weidmuller AMS400A Universal Auto-Manual Stations Distributors

Weidmuller AMS400A modules are interface devices which are used between controllers / PLCs and valves / actuators in the field. They implement aouto-manual transfer operations for automatically controlled processes. Typical applications are: Manual start-up of sensitive processes before handover to automatic control & Manual over-ride in case of controller failure or malfunction. Weidmuller AMS400A offers three different I/O configurations, which serve as interfaces between: Analogue control equipment and analogue control devices, Digital control equipment and analogue control devices & Digital control equipment and digital control devices. In AA (analogue-analogue) mode, it is possible for a remote source to switch between manual and automatic operations using digital inputs. Ramp rates and additional handover. Two options are available for the method of returning to automatic control, in order to ensure a bumpless transfer.

Weidmuller DI350 Indicators with Scalable Displays Distributors

Weidmuller DI350 is a pair of inexpensive 3½-digit displays - one for analogue current (4-20 mA) and the other for voltage (0-10 V) signals, for use in industrial applications. An integrated regulated power supply can be used to supply two-wire transmitters. The decimal point can be moved to any of the positions (1.XXX, 1X.XX, 1XX.X or 1XXX) so that it can display values in any range. The bright seven-segment LEDs are easily visible even in weak lighting. The special filtering properties of the front face give it a wide viewing angle. The DIN-standard 1/8 front panel with IP 65 protection ensures reliable operation in wet areas. The connection uses pluggable screw-connection elements. The DI350 models are hazardous area approved cuLus Ex (Class 1 Div. 2, Groups A, B ,C & D).

Weidmuller LPD350 Indicators & Configurable Displays Distributors

Weidmuller LPD350 is a compact, cost effective, 3½ digit digital indicator designed specifically for current loop signals. The decimal point can be moved to any position (1.XXX, 1X.XX, 1XX.X or 1XXX) so that it can display values in a range of ±1999. Weidmuller LPD350 uses a liquid crystal display which can be read even under poor lighting conditions. No additional wiring is needed for a power supply. The user can simply break the loop and connect to the LPD350. The housing has a DIN-standard 1/8 front panel with IP 65 protection. The connection uses pluggable screw-connection elements.

Weidmuller LPD405F Configurable IP67 Field-Mounted LCD Indicators Distributors

Weidmuller LPD405F display is loop powered by the 4-20 mA current loop with no external supply required. The twenty-mm LCD displays can be read even under poor light conditions. A sheet of perforated self-adhesive labels is included. They include standard engineering units and can be used for all label needs. The electronic subassembly is housed in a rugged, glass reinforced polycarbonate, IP 67 case. This housing is suitable for any industrial environment. Optionally available is a pipe mounting bracket which can be used for horizontal and vertical mounting.

Weidmuller PMX400 SERIES Indicators & Configurable Displays Distributors

Four-digit temperature and frequency displays with analogue-value read-out and alarm monitoring. Weidmuller PMX400 SERIES consists of two modules: temperature display & frequency display / tachometer. A variety of temperature or frequency signals can be processed. On the output side, optional analogue signals are available, as well as either two or four relay contacts for alarm monitoring. The PMX400 HZX frequency display module offers, as default, two open-collector outputs as the relay contacts. The outputs are designated for the alarm function. An integrated power supply can be used for supplying external sensors and input devices.

Weidmuller PMX420 SERIES Indicators & Configurable Displays Distributors

Weidmuller current/voltage displays of the PMX420 SERIES are available as a pure display unit or optionally with analogue outputs/4 alarm outputs. The basic model is suitable for displaying a wide range of bipolar mA or voltage signals. Inputs are isolated from the power supply. An integrated power source is available for supplying external sensors and transmitters. Weidmuller PMX420 Plus adds four alarm channels (each with it’s own status indicator and relay contact outputs) and a fully isolated analogue current/voltage output. Device functions can be configured, specifically for the application, using the integrated keypad on the front panel. There are also several other handy features like maximum and minimum value recall, integrated linearisation, an acoustic alarm, a group alarm function, and the option for manual or automatic alarm reset.

Weidmuller PTX800 SERIES Counters Distributors

The configurable monitors of Weidmuller PTX800 SERIES are available in two designs: PTX800A for analogue (mA, Volts) inputs & PTX800D with digital pulse inputs (NAMUR, NPN/PNP sensors, TTL, etc). The eight-digit LED rate/total display can be changed via a button on the front of the unit. Both versions make use of output relays to close values when the "total" setpoint is reached. They also have electrically-isolated analogue outputs for re-transmission. The display can be globally scaled based on the flow quantity per second, minute, hour or day. The flow-quantity counter can be multiplied by factors of 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 or 1000. This allows for best use of the display. The PTX800A counter processes standardised analogue current and voltage signals. Linearisation and filtering functions are available for processing measurement signals. In addition, the counter has a 24 V DC power supply for loop-powered sensors. The PTX800D can be connected on the input side to all standard initiators (NPN/PNP/Namur) and with other current/voltage transmitters. The monitor will accept any periodic signal type and can total the input pulses into a "total" display. It can also calculate the resulting flow rate. External proximity switches can be supplied with 12 V DC directly from the PTX800D.