Industrial Ethernet

The communication between components in the automation technology is increasingly realized with Industrial Ethernet. This technology is becoming more popular. The common goal of both manufacturer and user is to make networking automation system components easier and more effective. Weidmuller network modules provide safe communication from field levels up to control levels. Indeed, Weidmuller‘s network components create a complete communications infrastructure for industrial applications in machine construction, process and plant engineering and energy.

Weidmuller Access Point/Bridge/Client Distributors
Access Point/Bridge/Client

Weidmuller’s versatile WLAN module can be used as an access point, bridge or client. It is quite simple to integrate into existing infrastructures because it has an alternative Power over Ethernet supply (using the data cable for the power supply). Support for RADIUS services and WPA2 secure encryption guarantees that your data is fully protected. Multiple wireless zones can be set up so that clients can move around as they wish, by roaming between the different radio/wireless cells. Multiple zones can be specified (multiple SSIDs) and different VLANs can be assigned for each wireless cell. This allows you to implement a one-to-one forwarding of the cable-based infrastructure to the wireless zone.

Weidmuller AdvancedLine Cables Distributors

The AdvancedLine from Weidmuller offers all combinations of cables that are possible with the extensive range of plug connections. This means flexibility and robustness through the high quality of the used components. The range comprises standard cables and customer-specific versions. Standard cables can be found in the catalogue; customer-specific versions can be freely configured online using the "Galaxy" configuration software. All AdvancedLine cables are particularly suitable for industrial use.

Weidmuller CabinetLine Cables Distributors

The new CabinetLine range of patch cables from Weidmuller is available in a variety of colours for visually differentiating between various networks. All CabinetLine cables are fitted with Weidmuller TM marking sleeves for clearly labelling cables and ports. CabinetLine is available in the colours grey, blue, red and violet in combination with LSZH sheathing material and transmission power Cat. 6A. CabinetLine is also available in the colour green and Cat. 5 with PUR or PVC sheathing material. All variants are fitted with protected clips which facilitate, e.g., pulling through a cable duct.

Weidmuller Customised Cabling Solutions Distributors
Customised Cabling Solution

The wiring guidelines for EtherNet/IP clearly define the interfaces to be used to ensure interoperability in EtherNet/IP systems. Weidmuller offers all the cabling products needed to build a requirement specific infrastructure which is tailored to the needs of EtherNet/IP. The wiring components for copper and fiber-optic cables are designed and tested for use in harsh industrial environments. The user is provided with clear guidelines about the requirements of the components for use in industrial environments with the introduction of the MICE classification (EtherNet/IP Media Planning and Installation Manual). The high-quality shielding of the cables and connection components offers comprehensive protection against electromagnetic interference. The cables are 8-wire twisted-pair cables for RJ45 or star quad for use in M12. The cabling components are also easy to handle in the field. The plug-in connectors for copper and fiber optic cables can all be assembled on-site. This reduces installation time, reduces errors and simplifies maintenance. The connectors wire/pin assignment is either according to TIA568-A or TIA568-B as required. The connectors and modules are marked accordingly, making them easier to connect.

Weidmuller IE-LINE Plug-in Connectors Distributors
IE-LINE Plug-in Connector

Connectors for modern industrial applications need to be designed in such a way that they simplify processes and cope with faster data transmission. Weidmuller’s Ethernet connectors keep you a step ahead. These products are not only ready for 10 gigabit, they are also standardised for IEC 61076-3-106 and IEC 61076-3-117. In addition, the connector variants 4 (Ethernet TCP/IP), variants 5 and 1 (Ethernet IP) and variant 14 (PROFINET/AIDA) which are named in these standards are all specified as mandatory in the standards covering generic cabling systems for industrial premises: ISO/IEC 24702, IEC 61918 (Automation Island), as well as for Fieldbus installations IEC 61784-5. What’s more, you have a unique choice of versions made of plastic or metal as well as inserts for copper and fiber-optic cabling. All of Weidmuller STEADYTEC connectors are designed for ease of use and for quick on-site assembly. They are also modular and can be tailored to suit your application.

Weidmuller Managed Switches Distributors
Managed Switches

Weidmuller managed switches offer extensive control mechanisms for data distribution and bandwidth management to co-ordinate and cope with the different requirements of communication participants in an industrial network. Configuration is either web-based using a simple and intuitive user interface or via a serial console. It is particularly important to have network redundancy to ensure system availability in today’s Industrial Ethernet infrastructures. This is because in a highly integrated system, a connection error can lead to machine stoppage and thus to production losses. To minimise such risks in a managed Ethernet network, Weidmuller has integrated high-performance redundancy mechanisms into its managed switches. This is in addition to the RSTP/STP standard and port-trunking.

Weidmuller Media Converters Distributors
Media Converter

If high interference immunity is needed or long transmission distances are involved, then fiber-optic cables are advisable. Another advantage of using fiber-optic cabling is the insensitivity to lightning or voltage surges. The use of fiber-optic based systems is already established in areas such as the process industry, plant engineering, energy distribution and wind energy. One simple and inexpensive solution is offered by Weidmuller media converter. This connects the Ethernet via an RJ45 port to an optical fiber-optic cable port with SC or ST glass fiber connections. This retains the collision domain between the two Ethernet participants and means that there is status transparency exchanged between the two Ethernet interfaces and the port status. Multimode glass fibers allow distances of up to 5,000 m to be bridged without intermediate repeaters. Singlemode fibers can be used over distances of up to 40 km.

Weidmuller Modbus TCP/RTU Gateways Distributors
Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway

Weidmuller Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway RTU slave mode for communication between up to 16 TCP masters and 31 serial slaves, RTU master mode for communication between 1 serial master and up to 31 TCP slaves, Integrated Modbus protocol analysis, Redundant DC power supply inputs & Integrated 2-port switch for setting up a linear topology.

Weidmuller PoE Switches Distributors
PoE Switches

Power over Ethernet (PoE) describes a process where power can be supplied to a network-compatible device over the 8-wire Ethernet cable. In a narrower sense, PoE today means the IEEE 802.3af (DTE Power over MDI) standard which was adopted in June 2003. The main advantage of Power over Ethernet is that you do not require a separate power supply cable and so can install Ethernet devices in hard-to-reach places or in areas where there is not sufficient room for many cables. This means that you can save some significant installation costs, and that you can also integrate the power supply into a central uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to improve the reliability of the connected devices. PoE is used by network devices that need small amounts of power. It is typically used for IP telephones, network cameras, operating panels or wireless communications devices such as WLAN access points. Weidmuller PoE switches support the IEE 802.3at standard (also known as PoE+) and can therefore supply end devices with up to 30 W per PoE port. Weidmuller PoE switches also offer further advantages by their simple power supply needs. They do not require an additional 48 V supply in addition to the standard 24 V supply.

Weidmuller PROFINET & SERCOS III Cables Distributors

Weidmuller‘s cabling products enable you to create a specific infrastructure that meets all the requirements of PROFINET and SERCOS III. Weidmuller offers you a wide range of cabling solutions for PROFINET and SERCOS III applications. IP 20 plug-in connectors for copper and fiber-optic cables are also included as well as IP 67 plug-in connectors and junction boxes for the toughest requirements. The components are designed to be used together from the floor distributors down to the machines.

Weidmuller Gigabit Security Routers Distributors
Security Router

Weidmuller router enables controlled and secure data exchange between "switched" Ethernet networks (IP routing). The various manifestations of the Network Address Translation function (1:1 NAT, masquerading, virtual mapping, port and IP forwarding) provide controlled access to both sub-networks as well as individual Ethernet devices. In addition, the 1:1 NAT function allows machine networks with the same IP address range to be easily integrated into a primary production network, as is typically the case in series machine manufacturing. The high-speed performance of the Gigabit interface means that the router will have no problems at all handling future increased data loads in the Ethernet network. Weidmuller Industrial Ethernet routers use encrypted VPN connections (OpenVPN and IPsec) to allow access to machines and systems. Diagnosis and error rectification are therefore possible from any location. This means that an onsite service technician can be dispensed with in many cases. The router supports the standard VPN technologies OpenVPN and IPsec, and can be operated either as a VPN client or a VPN server (with no limits on the number of simultaneously usable clients).

Weidmuller Serial/Ethernet Converters Distributors
Serial/Ethernet Converter

Serial interfaces such as RS232, RS422 or RS485 are widespread today in automation systems. To integrate these devices into modern Industrial Ethernets, Serial/Ethernet converters are used which offer investment protection for existing automation components. These devices include control systems, sensors, meters, drives, bar code readers and operator displays. Weidmuller’s Serial/Ethernet converters connect these devices simply and easily to existing Ethernet network structures. The configuration of the serial port and Ethernet port parameters is done using an internet browser. On the Ethernet side, these devices support several operating modes: including TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Real COM, RFC 2217, Reverse Telnet, Pair Connection and Ethernet modem. These modes ensure compatibility for the network software. There are two Ethernet ports on the device which can be used as Ethernet switch ports. This helps to reduce your cabling costs since you no longer need to connect each device with a separate Ethernet switch.

Weidmuller Serial/Fiber-Optic Converters Distributors
Serial/Fiber-Optic Converter

Weidmuller converter is able to connect several serial devices to form a glass fiber ring. This simply involves connecting the TX port of one converter with the Rx port of a neighbouring converter. Ring mode can then be activated using the DIP switch on the device. A signal which is transmitted by a node is then forwarded in the ring until it is gets back to the sender, where it is blocked. In this way, glass fiber rings can be configured with an spread of up to 100 km. Weidmuller serial/fiber-optic converter can automatically detect the serial baud rate of connected devices. This ensures that signals can be forwarded by the media converter without any data loss even if the baud rate of a connected device changes.

Weidmuller Unmanaged Switches Distributors
Unmanaged Switches

Switches are the basic coupling elements in Ethernet networks. They connect the Ethernet participants together. In an Ethernet network the communication basically originates from the participants. The switches connect the participants together and enable the communication. Weidmuller unmanaged switches are the simplest active network component. They do not need to be configured and are therefore very flexible. They use the basic standard protocols, such as auto-negotiation, auto-crossing, and flow-control and can automatically adjust to the different transmission speeds or connector wiring. Unmanaged switches are protocol transparent. Each port on the switch creates an individual collision domain. The use of twisted-pair cabling with an RJ45 interface or fiber-optic cable based on the IEEE 802.3 specification interfaces are supported by all Weidmuller switches.