Choose from Valin's extensive selection of Process Heat products. Browse our process heat controllers, sensors, heaters, and heat trace products from leading manufacturers to meet all your process heat needs.
Integrated Controller
Valin offers a multitude of Process Heat Controllers and Controller accessories to address all aspects of your control needs. Choose from our selection of Integrated/Multi-Function Controllers Power Controllers, Temperature & Process Controllers, and Controller Accessories.
Self Regulating Heating Cable
Heat Trace
Heat trace products are needed to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels. Common pipe trace heating application include freeze protection or temperature maintenance. Browse our selection of Heat Trace products to keep your product flowing.
Band Heaters
Valin offers a wide variety of heaters that includes Ring, Cartridge, Flexible, Band, Immersion, Circulation, Convection, Blower Heaters and more. Browse our heaters to find the right solution for your process heat needs.
Temperature Meter
Choose from a wide variety of process heat sensors. Our selection includes thermocouples resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and thermistors.