Browse our selection of Components to meet your application's heating needs. We provide a variety of Ring, Strip, Tubular, Cartridge, Bands, and Flexible Heaters from a collection of high-quality manufacturers.
Band Heaters
Band Heaters
Band heaters are a great solution for many cylindrical heating applications. Browse our wide selection band heaters in varied voltages, wattages, and one-piece or two-piece styles.
Cartridge Heater
Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge heaters are used across numerous industries and are extremely versatile and durable. Valin offers a wide variety of cartridge heaters including high-temperature, immersion, and insertion in varied termination styles, wattage, and voltages.
Flexible Heaters
Flexible Heaters
Flexible heaters can be applied to complex shapes, curves, and pipes without the need to sacrifice efficiency or dependability. Flexible heaters have fast heat-up and cool-down rates, as well as uniform heat distribution and high watt densities. Choose from our wide selection of flexible heaters, such as Silicone and Polyamide in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Ring Heater
Ring Heaters
Valin offers a wide selection of Ring and Disc heaters in full and half sheath varieties. Browse our Ring Heaters to find a suitable heating solution for your heating needs.
Strip Heaters
Strip Heaters
Choose from our selection of Strip Heaters to meet your application's needs. Valin offers a variety of strip heaters, to include explosion-proof and air heaters, in a range voltages and wattages.
Tubular Heater
Tubular Heaters
Tubular heating elements achieve heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation in order to heat surfaces, air, gases and liquids. A wide selection of single and double-ended Tubular Heaters is available, which include high-temperature, milled groove, and MULTICOIL heaters.