CAB Low Temperature Air Duct Heater

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Chromalox CAB Low Temperature Air Duct Heater w/side terminals, 480V, 15000W, 26W/ watt density, 15-3/8" x 21-5/8" x 4-1/2" heater size, rust-resisting iron sheath, single phase, 220°F max. outlet air temp.
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CAB Low Temperature Air Duct Heaters

  • Side Terminals
  • 6 - 100 kW
  • 120, 208, 240 and 480 Volt
  • 1 or 3 Phase
  • Rust-Resisting Iron or Chrome Steel Sheath Elements
  • 440°F Max. Outlet Air Temp.

  • Sole Heat Source
  • Booster Heater in Process and Comfort Heating Ducts
  • Convert existing Forced Air Dryers and Ovens
  • With Blower and Duct, can be used to Fabricate simple Forced Air Drying Unit

  • Simple Duct Transition Sections may be used to adapt standard heater sizes to various duct sizes to increase air velocities for better heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and longer element life.
  • Field Wiring Terminals — Heavy duty 3/8" diameter bolts of either brass (iron sheath units) or Stainless Steel (chrome steel sheath units) with necessary hardware are provided for field wiring connections. Terminals are located on the side for CAB units and on the bottom for CABB units, and should be on the outside of ducting.