Series 20 Precision Metering Valve

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Parker A-lok Series 20 Precision Metering Valve, SS angle pattern body, 1/8" double ferrule tube fitting ends, knurled knob handle, 3 degrees - Cv .029 valve stem taper and flow capacity, fluorocarbon rubber elastomer
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For use typically in analytical instrumentation or research lab environments, the Parker NM Series (was Series 20) metering valve is designed to provide accurate and stable control of low gas and liquid flow rates. Available in both inline and angle pattern designs, the NM Series metering valve handles operating pressures to 1000 psig.

  • 316 stainless steel or brass forged body construction
  • Angle or straight connection pattern
  • Panel or in-line mounting
  • Optional slotted or vernier knobs
  • Operating pressures and temperatures to 1000 psig and 400 degrees F