U16 Series Needle Valve

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Parker CPI U16 Series Needle Valve, 1/2" Compression CPI™, U16L Valve Series, Inline Configuration, Regulating Stem Type, Grafoil Packing, Stainless Steel Body, Manually Operated.
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Parker U Series Union Bonnet Valves have been engineered for use at pressures up to 6,000 (414 bar) and temperatures as high as 1,200 °F (649 °C). A non-rotating lower stem helps to extend packing life by removing rotation from the packing area. Stem packing below the threads isolates the thread lubricant from the flow, ensuring adequate lubrication regardless of the media.


  • Union bonnet design ensures high integrity seal under severe service applications
  • Packing below the power threads protects thread lubricants from media and isolates the lubricants from the media
  • Dust seal in the packing nut protects stem threads from external contamination
  • Stem swivel above the packing eliminates entrapment area and increases packing life
  • Choice of Grafoil® or PTFE packing
  • Choice of Regulating or Blunt stem types. Blunt stemtype helps combat wire draw which may occur when two phase flow is present (i.e. steam service)
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Wide variety of US Customary and SI ports
  • Panel mountable
  • 100% factory tested