AC-150-2463 Valin Centura Chamber Pneumatic Manifold Replacement

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  • Product Type: Retrofit Kit

The AC-150-2463 Centura Chamber pneumatic manifold comes as a complete kit for ease of installation. AC-150-2463 is a 14 Station, 14 Valve Manifold and replaces Centura pneumatic manifold part 0190-20124. The kit includes a pneumatic manifold with SVD LOTO On/Off control valve, mounting plate, PCB and cable. As a complete drop-in solution, AC-150-2463 is pneumatically, electrically, physically compatible with the Centura chamber assembly. AC-150-2463 improves reliability and the larger valve Cv results in faster response times.

Valin has engineered a drop-in pneumatic manifold replacement that is a perfect solution for your obsolete Centura Chamber Pneumatic Manifolds on your aging fleet of Centura process tools. The AC-150-2463 pneumatic manifold comes as a complete kit for ease of installation.

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Product Description


Centura Chamber Pneumatic Manifold Replacement for 0190-20124 & 0190-20148 - Upgrade Benefits:

  • Replace entire Manifold in minutes
  • Current Manifold difficult to source
  • Replace individual valves in less than 5 minutes
  • Reduce Tool Downtime
  • Eliminate CDA leaks
  • Improve performance with larger Cv (.3) and higher flowrate (250 -300 l/min) for faster valve actuation
  • Reduce potential of wafer scrap due to leakage
  • The power consumption of each coil is 0.55w and a switching time of 8 ms
  • Drop in place solution (no holes to tap)
  • Units tested and fab approved
  • SVD LOTO on/off control valve
  • Valves rated to 150 million cycles for AV series valves

Clean, Simple Design

Old versus New Manifold


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