Parker Series EB (UV Light Resistant) Polyethylene Tubing

$1.59 / COIL
  • Product Type: Polyethylene Tubing
  • Manufacturer: Parker Parflex
  • Product Family: Series EB
  • Length: 100 ft.
  • Materials: Polyethylene Tubing
  • Tubing Rating: UV Light Resistant
  • Tubing Size: 5/8 in.
  • Wall Thickness: 0.062 in.
  • Working Pressure: 70 PSI @73°F
Parker Parflex Series EB (UV light resistant) polyethylene tubing, 5/8" O.D., .062" wall, .500" I.D., 70 psi @73°F working press., natural color, 100 ft length

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Product Description

Parflex Series EB instrument grade polyethylene tubing meets FDA and NSF-51 and NSF-61 requirements for food contact applications, and contains a UV light inhibitor. This flexible, chemically resistant tubing is extruded from high molecular weight resin for increased dimensional stability, uniformity, and long-term strength. Additionally, Series EB tubing is far more resistant to stress cracking than ordinary polyethylene tubing.

  • Instrument grade, FDA and NSF compliant
  • Ultraviolet light resistant black tubing
  • 1/4" to 5/8" and 6 to 12mm O.D sizes
  • Operating temperature range of -85 to +150°F at rated pressures with compatible fluids

Dimension Drawing