IP810B Seametrics Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

$465.00 / Each
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  • Product Type: Flow Sensor
  • Bearings Material: Ruby Jewel
  • Flow Range: 0.3 - 30 ft./sec.
  • Flow Sensor: Non-Drag Hall-Effect
  • Max. Pressure: 200 PSIG
  • Max. Temperature: 200°F
  • Power Type: 6 - 24 VDC 2 mA
  • Rotor Material: PVDF
  • Shaft Fitting Material: Nickel-Bonded Tungsten Carbide (Ceramic optional)

Seametrics IP810B Fixed Depth Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensor, Brass, 1/2 in-3 in (Previously IP81B.)

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Product Description

Seametrics IP800-Series paddlewheel fixed-depth insertion meters are designed for use with a wide variety of liquids in pipe sizes 1/2 in to 8 in. Flow sensors are available in brass (B), 316 stainless steel (S), PVC (P), and polypropylene (Y).

The combination of high-quality ruby jewel bearings and a non-drag Hall-effect sensor to detect the passage of miniature magnets in the six rotor blades gives Seametrics IP800-Series flow meters the widest flow range of any of the paddlewheel types. Bodies are machined from a solid rod for maximum precision. Nickel-bound tungsten carbide shafts are used for extreme low friction and long life. Optional ceramic shafts provide excellent chemical resistance for challenging chemical applications. Output is a current-sinking pulse, which can be sent long distances (up to 2,000 feet) without a transmitter. This signal can be connected directly to PLC's, counters, and computer cards, as well as a variety of Seametrics controls and displays.

Seametrics IP800 flow meters are ideal for chemical proportioning applications. For easy installation, a modular system of electronics can be factory-installed directly on the flow sensor. Wall and panel mounted electronics are available for field or remote installation.

The IP800-Series flow meters require special fittings to ensure correct insertion depth placement in the pipe. Seametrics fittings come in a variety of materials for compatibility with specific applications. Tee fittings are individually wet-calibrated at the factory and marked with the K-factor (pulses per gallon). Saddle fittings must be field-installed on the pipe and do not come wet-calibrated. K-factors for saddles are based on factory-testing.

  • Easy to install, unique fixed depth fittings ensure proper placement in flow path
  • Low maintenance, low-friction, long-life jewel bearing is only moving part
  • Fully field-repairable
  • Choice of materials for compatibility with variety of chemicals
  • Fits 1/2 in to 8 in pipe
  • Factory installed electronics packages available
  • Immersibility option

  • Industrial water/wastewater treatment
  • Cooling water monitoring
  • Industrial fluid control
  • Chemical proportioning

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