Adaptatone Millennium

Edwards Signaling 8/3/2018
Versatile, Plant-Wide and Proven

Adaptatone Millennium

Adaptatone Millennium multiple-tone electronic signals offer the widest selection of tones in the industry. With short code blasts or sustained warning signals, they meet virtually every application requirement from emergency evacuation to routine communications. The Adaptatone signaling system provides for integrated plant-wide communications with microprocessor reliability. Choose from voice, telephone paging, or field-programmable voice units that command notice and allow instant multilingual recognition of your factory's operational status.

Get your message heard

27 unique tones that get your message across - soft tones and melodies for your office areas. Alarming tones that cut through the din of your noisiest production areas. Tones are easily selected by setting internal miniature switches. Plus, Millennium also features field-recordable voice messages and system- wide voice and telephone paging to distinctly and accurately reach every ear in your facility.

Rugged and smart construction

Durable - cast construction with corrosion-resistant heat-flowed epoxy finish to stand up to your harshest environment.

Smart - captive components that won't get dropped and lost during installation. Easy pipe or surface mounting using the integral, external mounting flange.

No special tools required - field wiring terminals can be operated with standard electrician screwdrivers.

Hassle-free installation - large internal wiring compartment that gives you room to work.

Versatile and expandable

As your needs grow, so can your Adaptatone Millennium system. By using a central tone generator and simply connecting speaker amplifiers, you can construct a complete system for plant-wide warning and evacuation. Millennium models are available in a wide voltage range for non-hazardous and Division 2 hazardous locations. Connections are provided for external battery backup. Choose from standard 15-watt and high-volume 30-watt units. Division 1 models are also available.