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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Edwards Signaling 8/6/2018
Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Next Generation SafeAir 250-CO Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector is an accurate and reliable means of alerting building occupants of potentially dangerous levels of CO in the protected area. The internal electro-chemical sensor communicates with a sophisticated on-board microprocessor that accurately tracks CO levels over time. GE Security 250-CO continues SafeAir’s proven legacy of more than one million 240-COe carbon monoxide detectors installed over a decade.

This commercial-grade detection technology results in quick response, reliable sensing, fast reset time, and superior false alarm immunity. Its small size allows Interlogix 250-CO to blend inconspicuously with any decor, and its smooth contoured design is compatible with both residential and commercial environments. Edwards Signaling 250-CO detector can connect to either UL 985 (Household Fire Warning) or UL 864 (Commercial  Fire) control panels. It is not intended for use in industrial applications such as gasoline refineries or parking garages, which require different listings.

Unaffected by normal indoor temperature variations, Kidde 250-CO actually self-adjusts for environmental changes and operates reliably under a wide variety of conditions. It also monitors its own performance and automatically compen- sates for sensitivity drift throughout the course of its service life.

Like all CO detectors, the 250-CO has a limited service life. When it reaches this point, Edwards 250-CO’s six-year end-of- life timer automatically triggers a warning, locally, at the control panel, and optionally, at a central monitoring station, indicating that the device must be serviced.

An integrated temporal four-horn provides local signaling capability for Interlogix 250-CO, and it easily interfaces with any Listed intrusion or fire alarm system by means of its 150mA output relay, which may be connected to the auxiliary input on the control panel. Its low current draw results in little additional demand on the system power supply.

GE Security 250-CO fully complies with the latest UL 2075 requirements which allows for installation in a wide range of resi- dential and commercial settings.

Standard Features

•  Uses highly reliable, commercial-grade, electro-chemical sensing technology
•  Self-diagnostics keep the device operating optimally throughout its service life
•  Sensor is unaffected by fluctuations in normal indoor temperature
•  Built-in trouble/power supervision relay
•  12 or 24VDC operation and 150mA relay contact configurable for normally open or normally closed operation
•  Long-life six-year sensor
•  Transmits sensor end-of-life to the control panel and central station if the system is monitored
•  Fully listed to the latest UL 2075 CO standard for residential or commercial occupancies
•  Large terminals ease wiring installation 14 to 22 AWG
•  One-touch TEST/HUSH button simplifies local operation
•  Integrated 85 dBa temporal 4-sounder for local notification
•  On-board LED provides local alarm and trouble indication
•  Inconspicuous footprint and attractively contoured design
•  Replacement for SafeAir 240-COe detector (optional adapter plate available)

Data Sheet S85001-0618

250-CO - SafeAir 250-CO carbon monoxide detector, alarm trouble relays, sounder,  end-of life signal, 12/24VDC
250-COPLT-5PKG - Adaptor plate for use when replacing the legacy SafeAir 240-COe detector with new and improved SafeAir 250-CO