Millenium Event Driver Interface

Edwards Signaling 8/6/2018

MEDI: You’re in complete control from your desktop or laptop.

You control so much of your job from your computer - why not your signaling too? It’s easy with Edwards Millennium Event Driver Interface (MEDI). Schedule signals for events as mundane as lunch, or deliver critical voice messages - all without leaving your desk.

The windows-based MEDI software package provides command and control of remote signaling devices throughout your facility. With a few simple clicks, you can program MEDI to automatically signal work start and stop times, break times, or any other timed event. You can also manually command MEDI to initiate tones, wav files, or real-time voice. Any time. It integrates with either conventional or RS485 signaling components.

Edwards MEDI installs fast and easy. From the very first moment, MEDI’s intuitive design will have you improving your signaling for tasks like automatically or manually sounding break times, shift start and stop times, special events, or real-time voice.

Millenium Event Driver Interface

MEDI Applications
Automatically or manually signal events or real-time voice in:

• Industrial Work Cells
• Commercial Buildings and Work Areas
• Schools
• Places of Worship
• Outdoor Work Areas
• Warehouses
• Auditoriums and Theatres
• Correctional and Rehabilitation Institutions
• Security Areas
• Amusement Parks
• Retirement Villages and Club Houses

System Requirements:

• Windows 98, NT, XP, or 2000.
• 160 MB min. hard drive space with additional space for user-added wav files.
• 333 MHz processor required, greater than 500 MHz recommended.
• Sound card with mic/line input and speaker outputs.
• Display with 800x600 minimum resolution. 256 colors recommended.

For RS485 Operation:

• PC must contain at least one Serial COM port or USB port.
• USB port can be configured using a USB/Serial Adapter with associated software.
• RS232 to RS485 Converter (Edwards Part Number MCN485CB2EOLT or equivalent).