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Protecting Chain-Link Rolling Gates

Edwards Signaling 9/28/2018
Protecting Chain-Link Rolling Gates


For most chain-link rolling gates, there is considerable tolerance and leeway in the "closed" position. This makes it difficult to assure proper alignment of the gate switch for alarm protection. This application assures security, particularly when a high-security biased switch is used.


Mount Interlogix switch on fence post using appropriate sized bracket (see Sentrol catalog for bracket selection).

Mount multiple magnets (usually three) on wood strip with 2" (5 cm) spacing center-to-center. Mount board on gate. Be sure to observe polarity of switch and magnets by aligning both so "Sentrol" labels read in same direction. (Observe minimum gap of 3/4" (1.9 cm) when using Sentrol 2507AH switch.)

Alternate Installation: Use Sentrol magnet 1923 as alternate. Mounting board should be 2x4 with 3/8" (0.95 cm) diameter holes (see illustration). Observe minimum gap distance and polarity. Red end of 1923 should be in same direction as wire lead end of switch.

Note: To prevent false alarms, keep gate fastened tight using a chain or other restraining device.

Important: Switch cable of various lengths can be ordered from factory.


Protecting Chain-Link Rolling Gates