SPS IPC Drives Forerunner

Kubler 11/1/2015

SPS IPC Drives ForerunnerKubler, a manufacturer of position and motion sensors, presents at the SPS IPC Drives fair that will take place end of November 2015 in Nuremberg special encoders for the drive technology and a new generation of Ethernet encoders. automation presents these new developments already today. 
The company focuses on various branches. Each of these branches has its own requirements and specific challenges for the sensors. Kubler relies on its solid knowledge and innovative products and solutions to create added value for its customers. The industry is increasingly developing compact drives offering higher performance, better dynamics and improved energy efficiency. This leads to new requirements for the encoders. Besides accuracy, robustness and reliability, compactness becomes another criterion.

To allow designing globally more compact drives, also the encoder solution must be adapted accordingly. This is why Kubler developed a totally new product - the Sendix F5883 in the Motor-Line version. An optical hollow shaft encoder with a construction depth of only 43 millimeters. Compared with the Sendix 5883 multiturn encoder, this new device allows saving 27 millimeters. This is a milestone in an industry that has to house its components even in smallest gaps.

The Sendix F5883 in the Motor-Line version is based on the mature Sendix platform, which stands for robustness and reliability. Thanks to the Intelligent-Scan Technology, this fully optical encoder is highly accurate, 100 percent insensitive to magnetic fields and ensures perfect positioning. This encoder has excellent EMC characteristics. 
Reliable and cost-saving 
In the Motor-Line version, the Sendix F5883 is the consistent continuation and further development of a sensor series already proven in the drive technology. It offers higher performance in an interesting cost framework and also contributes to the energy efficiency of the drive.

The connection between the drive and the encoder is a decisive factor for reliability or efficiency. It is ensured by the optimal installation of the hollow shaft encoder on the drive shaft. Compared with a solid shaft encoder, it does not only offer a more optimal connection, but it also allows doing without couplings and reducing the wear potential.

Besides reliability, efficiency is today an important argument when selecting the suitable drive. Relevant savings and higher efficiency can however only be achieved if one analyzes the global application critically with the aim of realizing a combination of the best technologies for all single elements. With regard to the whole package, every element must provide highest performance: the gear, the axes, the intelligent electronics and sensors. 
Designed for extreme conditions 
The Sendix encoder series is equipped with the robust Safety-Lock bearing structure design. Interlocked bearings, large bearing span and extra-strong external bearings provide stability in case of vibrations and robustness against installation errors, avoiding machine standstill and repair work. These specially designed bearings withstand even high loads due to thermal expansion or permanent vibrations and remain tight.

Kubler encoders also allow high rotary speeds in applications in environments exposed to high temperatures. The temperature resistance from -40 to 85°C applies to all of the elements: from the seals, through the cables up to the connectors, all materials used have been designed and tested especially for such extreme temperatures.

Usual electrical interfaces used in the drives technology such as TTL/HTL and SinCos, SSI and BiSS are available. CANopen, Profibus, Profinet and EtherCat ensure perfect field bus connection. Both the outputs and the supply voltage are short-circuit proof. 
Comprehensive networking 
The ever progressing use of Ethernet in the industrial environment requires increasingly structuring the Industrial Ethernet and field bus networks. The main focus of Industry 4.0 in the network area is on connectivity, intelligence and transparency - an important evolution for the industry, which wants to reduce the operating costs and in the same time increase customer satisfaction. Also Kubler's sensors want to support this trend. These absolute, optical singleturn and multiturn Sendix-F58-EtherNet/IP encoders have been designed for time-critical applications.

In addition to supporting plant performance and availability, their specific features also greatly contribute to save time and costs. Failsafe signals are acquired and transmitted via the standardized Industrial Ethernet protocol. Accurate cycle times allow calling up real-time information as they are needed at the processing stations. The fast cycle times achieved thanks to Ethernet functions increase the efficiency of the whole facility. Improved diagnostic possibilities for the early detection of critical operating states, which can be located thanks to the operating panel, are another advantage.

As it is known that interruptions cost money, the encoders can allow considerable savings in practice. The fast position value transmission, with a RPI time of only one millisecond, transmits up to five times faster than usual market encoders. This characteristic confirms the use of these encoders in timecritical applications for update frequencies reaching 1,000 Hz. They also feature a very short start-up time. It takes place immediately after applying the supply voltage and is also an element for improving plant performance. So, cost-sensitive stoppages belong to the past.

In addition, the implementation of DLR (Device Level Ring) ensures ring redundancy for the encoders. This guarantees safe permanent monitoring of the ring and, therefore, a single cable break will no more lead to the stoppage of the whole plant. For this kind of failures, DLR provides addressing the participants from the other direction, ensuring ring communication without loss of time. In addition, the information about the location of the defective element is communicated immediately to the controller. This allows fast replacement of the defective cable.

These encoders are available in solid shaft and blind hollow shaft versions. The blind hollow shaft has a diameter of 15 millimeters. Their IP655 protection level, their wide temperature range ranging from -40 up to 80°C and their 100 percent insensitivity to magnetic fields ensure the reliable operation of these optical encoders even in harsh environments. These ODVA-certified sensors operate with a very high total resolution reaching 32 bits.