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Get the Clean Advantage with SCF Drives

Lenze Americas 3/5/2018

SCF Series Drive In Car-Wash ApplicationWashing Equipment Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of self-serve and distributors for touchfree car wash equipment systems. Their customers include Laserwash Car Wash Inc, Hess, Mobil/Exxon, Sunoco, Jiffy Lube and Popular Chains Precision Wash. Don Scordo, President of Washing Equipment Technologies says that "keeping the end user in mind is what gives us the competitive advantage in developing systems that appeal to consumers".

I-WASH, the company's latest self-serve coin-operated car wash equipment, is a patent-pending system that's meeting with great success. Scordo relates that the biggest differentiator between the I-WASH and similar machines is "simplicity - its a self contained, singlepump design, with easy installation". Finding the right components was crucial to the implementation of Scordo's invention. He credits AC Tech SCF Series Drive as key to making the I-WASH what it is, stating "We actually designed the system around the drive's micro size, ease of use and operation." "Lenze - AC Tech's worldwide service plus the expertise and accessibility of the staff provide us additional reliability."

The EPM (Electronic Programming Module), allows Washing Equipment engineers to program the SCF, copy it in seconds, archive it, clone it, personalize it, making drive programming streamlined and error-free. The EPM reduces their service expenses, since it keeps the factory default drive configuration. If a Washing Equipment customer changes the program and ends up with a malfunctioning bay, he can simply reset the drive to the way it was originally shipped; the result? Cutting down on unnecessary field service visits, and for the customer, no downtime.

The SCF drive controls the speed of metering and self serve high pressure pumps. Each inverter is set up to use three separate preset speeds (low/medium/high); with each inverter's preset speed providing the necessary pressure and flow to apply different products.

The I-WASH controller communicates with the SCF drive to speed up and purge the line for each product and/or to slow down the pump so that the pressure can be changed based on the function selected by the customer. The SCF and controller also direct the flow of pressure and solution, either to the brush or to the gun. The I-WASH system's most unique option is that the controller can actually blend solutions, creating personality with scents and colors. Pulsing two different colors creating a rainbow of foam on the car or a blend of smells in the bay keeps the customers coming back. That is the clean advantage of the SCF drive.

SCF Series Benefits:

  • Multiple Preset Speeds
  • Micro Size
  • Removable Memory Chip (EPM)
  • Quick, Intuitive Programming
  • Seamless Integration into System
  • Reliable, Repeatable, Rugged Performance
  • Global Support