SCM Drives with Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps

Lenze Americas 3/5/2018

SCM Drives with Pulsafeeder Metering PumpsThe technology developed by Pulsafeeder Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling products, is used in applications ranging from chemical process pumps to metering heavy water from nuclear generators. Steve Muscarella, Pulsafeeder Director of Engineering, says Pulsafeeder relies on Lenze - AC Tech variable frequency drives to control the speed of motors in their metering pumps. "We use AC Tech SCM Series Drives both as an off-the-shelf product as well as a custom version. The models we use allow us to power the drive from a 115 VAC single-phase supply yet run a standard 230 VAC three-phase induction motor!"

"Our MPC (Metering Pump Controller), which expands the flow range capability of several of our pumps, relies on the SCM drive to vary the speed of a motor by at least 3:1 turndown. Then, with our custom software, the drive is used to turn the motor on and off, to yield a pump flow turndown of up to 1000:1. "The cost and flexibility of the Lenze - AC Tech products allowed us to bring a new product to market faster and better than our competition!"

"The difference to the end user, Muscarella says, is that our controller equipped with the SCM drive, speaks pump language, provides steep turndown, and includes a handheld interface panel, that can be mounted up to 1000 feet away from the drive and pump." In other words, the SCM is easy to install, reliable, and flexible-solid, real-world advantages.

SCM Drives with Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps

To maintain competitive pricing and delivery efficiency, certain stages of the metering pump manufacturing process take place at selected sites offshore. Working together, Pulsafeeder and Lenze - AC Tech application engineers came up with a simple way of bypassing any language barrier and taking full advantage of the EPM (Electronic Program Module), a unique feature built into the SCM variable frequency drive.

"From our point of view, the EPM is one of the best features offered by these drives," says Leo Buchman, Chief Electrical Engineer, and he explains how the module allows the parameters from a drive to be copied in less than two seconds, adding, "We just needed to make the process totally language-proof!"

So what was the solution? "We paint the 'master' EPM a certain color, and each key-colored EPM is added to the manufacturing bill of material. The best part is, if the service team needs to troubleshoot a particular pump, the color of the EPM clearly tells what the drive parameters should be, no words needed!"

SCM Series Benefits:

  • Quick, Intuitive Programming
  • Removable Memory Chip (EPM)
  • Plug and Play Connectivity
  • Seamless Integration into System
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dependable Performance
  • Global Support