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RX Preventive Maintenance


RX Preventive MaintenanceMotor Protection
Preventive Maintenance

Energy Management

For Motors 200 through 15,000 VAC, 1 through 2000 A

Remote Monitoring via Web Browser

-Setup maintenance thresholds
-Email motor status and maintenance requirements
-Long-term energy trending
-View motor data by using a standard web browser

Take your motor protection to a new level. The RX Series provides advanced power measurement, a step above other solid state overload and power protection relays. By using features previously found only in large expensive Motor Protection Relays, the RX Series allows even small to medium sized motor applications to be protected by the best technology available, yet at a price affordable to all.

Easy to read and simple to use, the RX Series display shows more than just "trip indication."

Protect your 3 phase motors from:
-Line power problems, Single Phasing Phase Reversal, Voltage Imbalance
-Thermal Overload (i2t), Class 5-30
-Equipment Ground Fault
-Current Imbalance
-Jammed Load/Locked Rotor
-Broken shaft/belt/loss of prime
-Over/Under Voltage
-Low/High Power Factor
-Short Cycling, Too Many Starts Per Hour
-Backspin Restart Lockout
-Excessive Run Time
-Acceleration/Incomplete Sequence
-Over/Under Frequency from a Generator

Special features:
-4 digit bright display shows values up to 9999
-LED indicators to show what the display is reading
-Status LEDs for Trip and Relay operations
-Large keypad, no dip switches or rotary dials that may require tools
-Passcode protection can keep out unwanted changes