Soft Starters for Pump Jack Applications


Soft Starters for Pump Jack ApplicationsStandalone Soft Starters or Packaged to Customer Specification

Line Voltage - 200-600200-600VAC 3 phase 50/60HZ
Current Rating - 18-1250A (5HP to 1200HP)
AC Supply Voltage - 120V Control Voltage (CPT included)
Ramp Control - Closed Loop Torque/Current Ramping, Voltage Ramp with Current Limit

Rugged Power Components:
Inverse parallel paired SCRs
Auto-synchronizing Gate Firing method
500% 60sec Overload Capacity
1600V PIV rating

Built-in Functions:
Operator Interface
4 Built-In Ramp Control Choices
Dual Ramps
Jog Function
Kick Start Function
Pump-Flex Deceleration Ramp
Restart Delay Timer
Time Clock Controller
RS-485 Serial Communications

Across the Line Start Capability:
Fully Rated Bypass/Emergency Start Contactor
Full voltage/Softstart Selector Switch
Independent Overload Relay

Advanced Motor Protection:
Retentive Thermal Memory
Dynamic Reset Capacity

Closed Loop Torque/Current (CLT):
This function provides a linear increase in output torque during acceleration. It maximizes the available torque using an internal PID feedback loop, insuring a smooth, linear ramp up to full speed.