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ABB announces new molded case circuit breaker for 1500V PV system

ABB Low Voltage 6/29/2017

ABB announces new molded case circuit breaker for 1500V PV systemABB, a Fortune500 corporation and the leading power and automation technology group, today introduced its new molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) for 1500V photovoltaic (PV) systems at ABB Customer World 2017. The MCCB protects the electrical system from overvoltage. 

For some time, high generating cost has been a major constraint to the potential of the PV sector. How to reduce the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and improve production efficiency has become a core task for the PV solar industry. A 1500V or even higher-voltage system means lower system cost, in which PV components, direct current (DC) switches, and especially inverters are playing indispensable roles. R&D on 1500V PV systems and PV related products, led by inverter manufacturers, is increasingly becoming a technical trend in the industry. 

Compared with a 1000V system, a 1500V PV system poses higher requirements for performance, voltage withstand and reliability of such components as the circuit breaker and disconnector. 

“Always committed to delivering complete PV solar products, addressing this trend, ABB has introduced a series of new products that help customers reduce cost, simplify project execution and improve equipment reliability,” said David Lin, manager of Product Marketing and Technical Sales at Electrification Products division, ABB China. 

New MCCB for 1500V PV solar system

A new MCCB, T4N-PV/E, specially developed by ABB for the DC-side 1500V application in the PV solar industry, delivers current ratings of 100-250A and is rated for extreme short-circuit breaking capacity of 10kA, as per GB14048.2 and up to 25kA, as per IEC60947-2 Annex P (Application of DC MCCD in PV) This makes it well able to provide effective overload and short circuit protection for the DC side of PV applications. 

T4D/PV-E, T5D/PV-E and T7D/PV-E are the new CB-type disconnectors developed by ABB for the DC side of PV applications. Delivering rated current up to 1250A-1600A, they are suitable for all types of PV power stations, and may be installed in the switchgear or inverter cabinet to satisfy all the disconnection requirements on the site. 

New MCCB for 800VAC PV solar system

The new 800VAC MCCBs T4V-HA and T5V-HA developed by ABB for solar application, deliver a current rating up to 80A-630A and an extreme short-circuit breaking capacity rated up to 25kA (GB14048.2) and 32kA (IEC60947-2 Annex P), and does not require de-rating when installed at a place with a latitude higher than 4,000m. 

Delivering outstanding performance that has been recognized by PV inverter manufacturers worldwide, ABB low-voltage products for PV applications will become the preferred choice of PV power distribution systems.