New! Safety Relay: High-speed safety relay allows shorter overall safety distances

Contrinex 2/3/2016

High-Speed Safety RelaySwiss safety-systems specialist Contrinex launches a new high-speed Safety Relay suitable for use with its Safetinex Type 2 and Type 4 light curtains. With a faster re-sponse time of just 10ms, the new Safety Relay allows engineers to specify shorter overall safety distances when designing safety systems in accordance with ANSI B11.19 or EN ISO 13855 standards.

The new Safety Relay, designed for the protection of people and machines, is a Performance Level (PL) e, category 4 device according to the EN/ISO 13849-1 standard. It can be used with actuating devices that include safety light curtains, access-control barriers, emergency-stop buttons or door-monitoring systems, allowing commonality of control equipment across all aspects of a typical safety system.

Conveniently packaged in an industry-standard 22.5mm-wide DIN-rail housing, this dual-channel relay features three sets of normally open safety contacts and a normally closed monitoring contact together with LED indicators for Channel 1, Channel 2 and power supply. The device is UL- and TÜV-certified and is CE-marked in compliance with the relevant European Directives.

The high-speed Safety Relay offers the option of manual- or automatic-restart modes and features easy restart-mode selection. This allows system designers maximum flexibility when integrating emergency-stop circuits or multiple sensing devices protecting both accessible and non-accessible areas. Specifying the new Safetinex Safety Relay across a range of safety applications is a cost-effective and risk-free option.

Advantages at a glance:

-Shorter safety distances possible with faster 10ms response time
-Performance Level (PL) e, category 4 device according to EN/ISO 13849-1
-Dual-channel device suitable for use with safety light curtains, access-control barriers, emergency-stop buttons or door-monitoring systems
-Manual- and automatic-restart modes with easy restart-mode selection
-Packaged in industry-standard 22.5mm-wide DIN-rail housing
-UL- and TÜV-certified and CE-marked