Newcomer to range – MiniMini M4: The miniature sensor with a thread, but only 12 mm long

Contrinex 5/8/2014

MiniMini M4 SensorContrinex has expanded its inductive Classics Miniature range to include a new model, and now offers the MiniMini sensor also in an M4 version. The thread facilitates sensor mounting and creates additional application possibilities.

The MiniMini M4 is particularly suitable for use in tool spindles and industrial (safety) brakes. In both applications, the available installation space is very limited. At the same time, an extremely precise operating distance is required. The MiniMini M4, threaded and equipped with ASIC technology, meets these requirements perfectly. Measuring only 12 mm in length, it is 10 mm shorter than the original subminiature sensor of the same size. Furthermore, the new sensor has just 10 SMD components instead of the previous 18, and no longer requires any bondings. The MiniMini M4, which needs no external amplifier, also scores high for its increased operating distance and high switching frequencies. It is additionally equipped with IO-Link functionalities. So the user can switch between NC and NO mode, program on- and off-delays and read the chip temperature. At the same time, IO-Link facilitates device identification and diagnosis.

This new miniature sensor from the Classics family is currently available in two embeddable standard versions: the DW-AD-623-M4-960 with cable connection and the DW-AV-623-M4-966, which is equipped with a 20 mm cable between the sensor and the potted connector. With this new sensor model, the MiniMini range of sensors now comprises seven devices in total. In addition to the two MiniMini M4 models, embeddable standard and pressure-resistant sensors are available with a increased operating distance and a diameter of 3 mm in both NPN-NO and PNP-NO versions.

On request, these miniature sensors can also be supplied in pigtail or NC versions. The MiniMini M4 is available on request in a pressure-resistant version, which is particularly robust with respect to chemical and mechanical stresses.