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MEDI Interface Components

Edwards Signaling 8/3/2018
Signal Responsibly from your desktop or laptop

MEDI Interface Components

Schedule signals for events as mundane as lunch or deliver emergency voice communications - all without leaving your desk - with the Millennium Event Driver Interface (MEDI). This windows-based software package provides command and control of remote signaling devices throughout your facility. With a few simple clicks, MEDI can automatically signal work other timed event. You can also manually command MEDI to initiate tones, wav files, or real-time voice. Anytime. It integrates with either conventional or RS485 signaling components.

Put the facilities communications hub where it belongs - in your office. When you Signal Responsibly with Edwards.

Adaptatone Millennium System Master

For evacuation and plant-wide signaling, Millennium System Master is a fully supervised personnel notification control system. 65 tones, 4 voice messages, and microphone - and PBX paging, and RS485 addressability make Millennium the flexible choice. MEDI compatible.

OSHA Approved, UL 2017 & 864 Listed

Adaptatone Millennium Remote Speaker/Amp

With output up to 113dB at 10 feet and connectivity to RS485 networks, Millennium can deliver the attention-getting message you need anywhere. Independent volume controls and direct connectivity to local power sources. MEDI compatible.

Class I, Div 2, Class II, Div 2, Class III, NEMA Type 3R, IP 44, UL 464 & 1604 Listed

Division 2 Adverse - Location Beacons

Long-life, corrosion-resistant signals in engineered thermoplastic housings, with strobe, steady or flashing LED and incandescent light sources. Available with ceiling, pendant and bracket mounting options.

Class I, Div 2, NEMA 4X, Marine, and UL 1971 Fire Alarm Applications

MINI-MI Weatherproof Speaker Amplifier and Tone Generator

Low-profile and low-cost, start and stop times, break times, or any the MINI-MI features a modular design that lets you deliver the perfect solution for any application: system speaker amplifier, stand-alone tone generator or field-recorded voice operation. Available with RS485 connectivity, optional UL 1971 listed strobe, and AC or DC voltages. MEDI compatible.

UL 464, UL 1480, UL 1971, CSFM, and NEMA 3R