Signal Beacons

Edwards Signaling 8/3/2018

Signal Responsibly with rotating, strobe, flashing or steady-on beacons.
Signal Beacons
When you need to alert, warn or communicate, you need the wide line of visual signals from Edwards. Designed for safety first, our signals deliver a clear message every time - making all your industrial, commercial and security applications just a bit more safe.

And Edwards signals don’t just connect with your people, they also connect with your systems. PLC, DeviceNet - you name it, we connect with it. Fast and easy. Bring your visual signal challenges to the experts with more proven solutions than anyone else. Signal Responsibly with Edwards.
AdaptaBeacon Rotating Lights

Perfect parabolic reflector intensifies and throws a brilliant beam of light. Ideal for use in security systems to indicate an intrusion or for use in industrial areas to signal equipment malfunctions in noisy areas. Available with six lens colors. Weatherproof.

UL and cUL Listed

CompaxxTM Series Strobes

PLC-compatible Compaxx strobes deliver a powerful signal with a very low profile. Their small size makes them convenient to place in just about any industrial, commercial or institutional application. Available in surface-mount or pipe-mount versions with five lens colors. Packaged singly or in six-packs.

UL and cUL Listed

AdaptaBeacon Electronic Horn/Strobes

Surface and flush mount Electronic Horn/Strobes with 150 candela visual and 90dB audible output. Gray, flame resistant housings and five lens colors. Indoor and outdoor models available. Ideal for use in timing, scheduling, paging, process control, security and general alarm applications.

120V AC and 24V AC/DC models.
UL Listed

Triliptical Stackable Status Indicator

Stack up to five light modules with or without a tone module for maximum communication flexibility. You can choose from seven different light source modules and five lens colors - all with Triliptical diffusion lensing for greater visibility. DeviceNet and PLC compatibility complete the package.

UL and cUL Listed