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Frequency Divider, Level Converter, Signal Converters and Splitters

Kubler 4/16/2018

Frequency Divider, Level Converter, Signal Converter, SplittersEfficient. The signal converter portfolio includes various devices that allow adapting signals to the most various applications.
Frequency: f (kHz) ? f (Hz)
Frequency divider: HTL ? TTL; TTL ? HTL
Level converter: SinCos ? HTL / TTL; SSI ? HTL / TTL;
                           f (kHz) Analog; SSI Analog
Signal converter: ? 2x SinCos, 2x TTL / HTL;
                        2x TTL / HTL ? 2x TTL / HTL

Analog RS485 ssi SinCos

Converter Benefits

Frequency adaptation for older and slower controls used with fast sensors. Level conversion to allow using sensor signals for different terminals.Signal converters to use sensor signals for given control inputs, e.g. SSI ? Analog. Signal splitting and separation by a signal splitter to allow using one sensor on 2 controls.

Converter Applications