Perfect Interaction Length Measuring Kit - Limes Kit TB

Kubler 4/16/2018

Limes Kit TBFocus on your application. Design your own length measuring kit with spring arm, encoder, measuring wheel (pulley) and belt. Take advantage of the unlimited measurement range, free selection of sensors, and simple, flexible mounting options. The Limes Kit TB ensures consistent measurement despite mounting tolerances or irregularities.

Limes Kit TB Benefits

Current measuring systems can sometimes hit their limits. This can have various reasons. Either the measuring length is limited, the design is too large, or the system itself is too costly. The length measuring kit Limes Kit TB from Kübler is easily adaptable to your application. You determine your needs.The result is an ideal solution with the highest quality at a fair price. The kit is already being used in numerous applications: textile machines, intralogistics, the glass industry, and cranes.

Limes Kit TB Applications