Process indicators and controllers for analogue input signals - with interfaces for easy programming

Kubler 4/16/2018

Process Indicators and ControllersKubler presents six new process indicators and process controllers, in DIN format 96 x 48 mm, equipped with RS232 and RS485 interfaces. The real advantage for the user is that the units can be programmed via these interfaces and that programmed data can be called up and then further processed. Communication is achieved using ASCII characters, so that the values can easily be read in and out with the help of a terminal editor.

Codix Series models 550 ... 555 boast an IP65 protected housing, with an exceptionally bright 5 digit 14mm high LED display. Operation and set-up is done either with the large front-panel keys or via the interfaces. Thanks to an alphanumeric text programme the units can be easily configured via the keypad. The product family covers indicators and controllers for standard analogue input signals (0 ... 20mA, 4 ... 20mA, 0 ... 10VDC and ± 10 VDC) with MIN/MAX capture and other versions for thermocouples and resistance measurement (2-, 3- or 4-wire technology). Up to 2 alarm set points are available. All units benefit from a particularly high resolution 14 bit A/D converter.

Amongst the analogue input models there are units with dual functions, for example where the current measured value can be displayed but at the same time totalised. A simple push of a button is all that is required to switch between displays. This feature for example allows the customer to measure both the flow volume and the flow speed in a silo - all in one unit. Programming a linearisation curve, made up of 24 programming points, means that the input signal can be scaled to show a certain desired value - even non-linear signals can be accommodated and a falling slope can be entered if required. Temperature monitoring for example can be achieved using modules with two set point relay outputs.

All models are available to operate from either a 10 ... 30 V DC or a 90 ... 260 V AC power supply. The AC models offer two auxiliary supplies for powering external sensors. Plug-in screw terminals ensure that installation is quick and easy.