New Powerful Position And Difference Preset Counter Type 572

Kubler 4/16/2018

Type 572 Preset CounterWith its new Position and Difference Preset Counter Type 572 Kubler is presenting a counter series, with two individually scalable encoder inputs, suitable for a wide range of challenging tasks. Channels A, /A, B, /B respectively of the encoder can be evaluated for count frequencies of up to 1 MHz per channel. Selectable operating modes include position, event counter, totalizing counter, difference counter, cut-to-length display, diameter calculator and batch counter; these can be combined with step or tracking presets to open up a wide spectrum of potential applications.

The device is equipped with two incremental inputs TTL, RS422 or HTL. Channels A and B, as well as the inverted channels /A and /B of the encoder, can be evaluated with a count frequency of 1 MHz per channel.  Moreover the device comes with 4 fast switching outputs each with 350 mA output current plus 4 fast programmable inputs with various functions including reset, gate, display memory, reference input or switching between the display values. The device can also be ordered with an optional fast analogue output , either 0/4 to 20 mA, +/-10 V or 0 to 10 V. All values can be freely scaled and can also be assigned separately from each other to both inputs. The 2 separate inputs can be calculated with respect to each other or used as monitoring functions, where the 2 values can be monitored with respect to each other. 

The 572 can be operated either in one-channel or two-channel mode. The outputs, control inputs and analogue output can be attributed to the various display values.  Additional annunciators for status display facilitate use in the application.

The very bright LED display, 15 mm high (6 digit) and 10 mm high (8 digit) guarantee optimal readability in difficult light conditions or over a long distance.

Up to 3 display values are incorporated in one device: Display 1, Display 2 as well as the display calculated from 1 and 2.

AC and DC supply voltages are integrated in the device as standard, as well as two auxiliary power supplies for the sensors, 5.2 V DC and 24 V DC, which facilitate the installation.

Operating the device is very simple thanks to programming via just 4 keys and to the possibility of assigning dual functions to all the keys. The device comes with an RS232 interface as standard; this allows not only for fast setting of the parameters but also for reading out the values with a PC or PLC and for modifications during operation.