Synchronous servo gear units assure greater accuracy at faster speeds and cycle times

SEW Eurodrive 9/19/2009

Synchronous Servo Gear UnitsLyman, SC - May 7, 2009 - Increased flexibility and productivity for automated production systems is delivered by SEW-EURODRIVE in a new family of synchronous servo gear units. This modular product line can be used to create more than 6,000 different integrated solutions that combine servo gears directly with synchronous servomotors.  

These low backlash planetary and helical-bevel servo gear units achieve higher torque ratings and better accuracy at faster speeds. Small, lightweight PSC, PSF and BSF gear units span ranges of 25 to 3000 Nm of torque in 18 different models. They’re available with input speeds of up to 6,000 RPM with 15 integer ratios from 3 to 100 and circumferential backlash as low as 1 arc-minute. This wide range makes it easier for equipment builders to deliver improved performance and operating efficiency without purchasing more capabilities than they need. 

New BSF helical-bevel servo gear units and PSC and PSF planetary servo gear units can be mounted directly on SEW’s dynamic synchronous DS, CM and CMP servomotors. This enables the motor shaft to be connected to the input pinion of the gear unit, eliminating the need for an adapter with clamp coupling. These geared servomotors offer a completely positive design from the motor shaft to the gear unit output shaft. Not only is this design more compact because the drive is smaller and lighter, but cycle times are shorter because the gearmotor can operate more dynamically with considerably more torsional rigidity. This is a lower cost alternative that is also safer since it eliminates the risk that non-positive connections can become loose. 

These compact and powerful servo gear units can operate at high speeds and offer a wide range of advantages:

• Highest permitted torques and overhung loads
• High efficiency levels
• High torsional rigidity
• Finely stepped, integer gear ratios
• Wear-free operating performance of running gears
• Consistently low circumferential backlash
• Low operating temperature and noise generation
• Extremely high level of reliability, availability and a long service life 

SEW’s modular approach to design means that each of these servo gearmotors is available in multiple sizes, shaft designs, backlash ranges and mounting options. SEW’s AC gearmotors, servo gearmotors and electronic drives are built to order in local assembly plants in the U.S. and around the world, enabling machine builders to rapidly customize equipment to achieve the faster speeds, increased precision and greater reliability customers want.

With its broad offering of modular motor, gear and electronic components, SEW provides designers with an almost limitless range of speed, torque and control options. This modularity enables equipment builders to precisely match motion application requirements.