Encoder Products Company TR2 Accu-Coder™ Tru-Trac™ is a versatile solution for tracking velocity, position, or distance in almost any application and features an integrated encoder with a rack-and-pinion gear assembly. Using the rack-and-pinion gear system, encoder readings can be obtained with repeatable positioning, providing excellent accuracy. Racks can be ordered in varying lengths, and with the accessory spacer block, multiple lengths of rack can be joined for easy installation. The spring-loaded torsion arm provides easily adjustable torsion load, giving the TR2 all the flexibility and maneuverability of the original TR1 Tru-Trac™. It can be installed in a horizontal, vertical, or upside down position. The threaded shaft on the TR2's pivot axis is field reversible, providing mounting access from either side, and the durable conductive composite housing material reduces static build up.