Temperature sensors from TURCK offer tailor-made solutions via displays, simple programming, and flexible process connections. These sensors are available as 100 ohm platinum RTD, RTD transmitters with and without IO-Link, and temperature transmitters with display. TURCK’s temperature instruments utilize platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), commonly referred to as a Pt-100 technology. Pt-100’s contain a platinum wire that is wrapped around a core or patterned as a thin film on a substrate so that it experiences minimal differential expansion or other strains. As the temperature changes, the controller measures the change in the electrical resistance of the platinum wire. The resistance experienced by the sensor is proportional to the temperature changes being experienced by the media being sensed. Specifically, the hotter the wire becomes, the higher the value of electrical resistance. They require a small power source in order to measure resistance.

TURCK Miniature Temperature Transmitters Distributors
Miniature Transmitters

TURCK miniature sensors of the TTM series fit in the most confined spaces and measure temperatures precisely via the integrated processor and the Pt1000 class A measuring element. Being only 25 mm longer and 1.5 mm wider than a standard M12 x 1 male, the fully encapsulated TTMs without processor provide an output signal of 4-20 mA in 2-wire technology. We also provide customized solutions on request.

TURCK Temperature Converters Distributors

Since temperature measurement is common in hazardous areas, TURCK’s IM34 temperature converting device may be used to convert a 2, 3 or 4-wire RTD, mV signal or T/C signal in a hazardous area to an analog 4-20 mA signal in a non-hazardous area. The IM34-14EX CDRI and similar IM modules can be programmed using PACTware and their relevant DTM. Programming is quick and simple and allows for greater parameters to be set. Configurations can be saved on a PC and downloaded to other units at a later date. In this example, the IM34 is connected to a 4-wire RTD using the RK 4.4T-* cordset. The IM34 has three relay set point outputs and one 0/4‐20mA outputs.

TURCK Temperature Transmitters Distributors

Devices of the TURCK TT and the TC series are available with or without probe. The types without probe take any Pt100 (4-wire) probe of the TP series. The TT temperature transmitters are set to 0 to +150 °C by default. The processed signal is provided via an analog current output, 4 to 20 mA (2-wire). The TC devices feature a switching output, switch and release point are set by default. Customized settings are available on request.

TURCK TS400 & TS500 Temperature Sensors Distributors
TS400 & TS500

TURCK TS400 processing units are incorporated in a non-rotatable, rugged stainless steel housing. Furthermore, they feature a standard M12 x 1 plug connection for TP probes. The bright 4-digit 7-segment display indicates the temperature during normal operation and guides the operator through the programming menu. Depending on the sensor type, they are available with switching outputs or a combination of switching and analog outputs. IO-Link communication is integrated as a standard. TURCK TS500 processing units are rotatable by 320° and equipped with 4-digit 7-segment displays.