Lenze Smart Drive Technologies Expedite Machine Kinematic Programming

Lenze Americas 2/11/2016

Lenze Smart Drive Technologies Expedite Machine Kinematic ProgrammingUXBRIDGE, MA - February 11, 2016 - Lenze, a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, provides Smart Drive Solutions & Modular Software tools to simplify engineering and expedite commissioning of machines for material handling, packaging and other industrial operations. 

Built on parameterized programming technology, Lenze AC Tech drive solutions simplify motion control and machine development from concept to deployment. Lenze enables quick commissioning times for common machine tasks- a simple roller belt with fixed speed settings can be programmed in approximately three minutes; a more sophisticated speed-variable belt conveyor in five minutes; and, a gantry or other multi-axis robot application in seven minutes. 

"Drive technology is a key element in machine motion control," states Doug Burns, director of sales and marketing, Lenze Americas. "As industrial processes become increasingly connected in today's smart factories, the competitive machine-building industry needs greater flexibility and shorter lead-times for machine design and commissioning." 

Motion centric automation and intelligent engineering are cornerstones of Lenze drive solutions. Proper drive dimensioning is required to provide relatively low torques in continuous operation applications that require high breakaway torques at start-up. Specifying motors that provide maximum power for high breakaway torques results in an energy inefficient solution that can waste up to 60 percent of current used. To balance these demands, Lenze created a solution that is not only economical and energy efficient, but also faster and easier to commission. The Lenze mechatronic drive package consists of the Smart Motor and g500 gearbox series. Featuring a soft start and other integrated material handling functions, the energy efficient Smart Motor is freely adjustable using a Lenze App on an NFC-capable smartphone. 

In its speed-variable drives with i500 frequency inverters, Lenze combines a space-saving design, easy commissioning and impressive performance. Bringing the i500 frequency inverter drive online requires no special training. The same principles apply to the parameterization of the inverter during commissioning. Wi-Fi communication and a pluggable memory module allows parameters to be replicated onto other inverters for commissioning in a matter of minutes. 

The FAST Application Software Toolbox provides modular, ready-made motion control functions for easy integration and reuse. Lenze FAST modules use a standardized interface and can be freely combined and customized. Everything from standard machine tasks, such as cross-cutting and winding, to complete robotics modules can be quickly implemented. Even previously complex robotic applications are easy to program with FAST robotic solutions. Pick-and-place movements are programmed by simple parameter settings, without requiring prior knowledge of robotics, which substantially reduces demands on engineering and design resources. 

"Lenze's powerful drive solutions make kinematic application development and integration into an overall automation system easier, safer, and more cost-effective," adds Burns.