Positionservo Now Available With ISO 13849 Safety Circuit

Lenze Americas 4/19/2018

13849 Safety Circuit PositionservoLenze-AC Tech announces the release of the ISO 13849-1 Safety Circuit for the PositionServo drive. PositionServo drives with suffixes "ES" and "RS" now include a safety circuit that disables the drive output to the motor so that the drive cannot generate torque in the motor.

This safety function, termed "Safe Standstill", meets the requirements of ISO 13849-1 Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Part 1: General principles for design.

The PositionServo ISO 13849-1 safety circuit provides a highly reliable disable of the drive. Even in the event of a single fault (single component failure) the ISO 13849-1 safety circuit will still function and disable the drive.

ISO 13849-1 takes up where EN954 was lacking in addressing safety circuits in programmable electronic systems. ISO 13849-1 uses probability to define performance levels in terms of category (structure), mean time to dangerous failure (MTTFd), diagnostic coverage (DC) and common cause failure (CCF). Fully characterizing these four parameters provides a clearer picture of the level of performance required for the safety circuit to disable the device in which it is installed.

"Lenze-AC Tech drives are employed in many types of automated processes worldwide and the safety of both the equipment and personnel is paramount." says Dale Seidlitz, Quality and Safety Manager at Lenze-AC Tech. "Designing our products in accordance with the strict requirements of international safety standards just makes it easier for our global customers to purchase our products, knowing we have designed safety into them."

The ISO 13849 safety circuit provides the customer with one more safeguard to protect his investment in automation equipment and personnel.