Frequently Asked Questions for Lenze Motors

Lenze 3/15/2018
Frequently Asked Questions for Lenze MotorsCan you use a HMI (e. g. EPM-H310) with a 8200/8200 Vector Drive or Motec (connected with EMF2171IB or EMF2175IB) to set the speed of the motor?
It is no problem to use Lenze AIF modules EMF2171IB or EMF2175IB for the communication between an operating terminal and the 8200. With both modules you can transfer data via parameter channel or process data channel. In the Project Manager of the HMI Designer you have to connect the AIF modules to the CAN-port as if they were drives (as DEVICE_CAN_SLAVE or DEVICE_CAN_MASTER). In the HMI Designer Project there is no difference between connecting the HMI CAN-port to a FIF module, an AIF module or an Onboard port of a drive.

Which reasons of process technology justify the operation of a 2-pole asynchronous motor directly at the mains?
In simple applications of material handling technology, e. g. chain or roller conveyors, the geared motor is often operated directly at the mains. For this purpose a 2-pole asynchronous motor is suitable due to its 'smooth' starting characteristics. The higher inductance leads to a starting torque lower than in case of a motor of the same size, but with more poles.

In addition, due to the higher rated speed it outputs a higher performance than motors of the same size with more poles.

Why does the efficiency calculated by the rated data of the motor differ from the value printed in the catalogue?
Check This Example:

motor type 080-31 (G-motion): PN = 1.1 kW, IN = 2.8 A, U = 400 V, cos = 0.82, eta = 79 % ≥ Pmech = 1.257 kW With M = 3.7 Nm, nN = 2810 rpm it matches: Pmech = 1.1 kW

The efficiency is calculated from the mechanical power and the electrical data.

Electrical machines have wide manufacturing tolerances and operating conditions. Each parameter measured under worst case conditions (for the current and the power factor) defines the rated data. These values do not appear all together, e. g. the current is measured at the lower voltage tolerance limit (2.8 A). This value is higher than under rated conditions.

The catalogue value for the efficiency is measured at the defined rated voltage (U = 400 V). For the above example with this voltage an efficiency of eta = 0.79 is measured.