Panasonic Eco-POWER METER KW2M-X has won the Automation Award for being one of the top 5 innovative products of 2016. One unit can measure two circuits. Up to three expansion units may be connected for the required number of circuits. Up to 8 circuits (three-phase four-wire), or up to 24 circuits (single-phase two-wire) Measured data can be saved in csv file and visualized by KW Watcher. Equipped with two Ethernet communication ports, so devices can be daisy chained without adding a HUB. Connectable to both KW Watcher and Central monitoring system / SCADA at the same time. Web server functionality allows operational settings of the device and upgrading the version of the main unit's firmware without conventional dedicated software tools. Also real -time monitoring is possible with KW2M-X. By uploading screens (content) that are setup as desired by the user with Control Web Creator to KW2M-X, the information in the KW2M-X internal Web server can be monitored on a browser. This is a graphics creation tool that allows you to easily design Web content that is published by the KW2M-X. You can creatively design content by arranging Web components such as switches, lamps and meters on the screen and then setting the properties. Your content will be linked toinformation in the KW2M-X without any knowledge of HTML.