Panasonic FP7 represents the top of the range of our PLCs and incorporates all the functionality and performance of a modular PLC in an outstanding compact format with a height of only 90 mm (3.543 in). No power supply unit is needed if the CPU is directly connected to DC power. Expansion units are clipped together without backplane. Enhancing communication features can be added using communication cassettes. The FP7 is dedicated to the total integration into Web applications. The standard CPU boards with Ethernet interface offer connectivity without limits, from remote programming to monitoring and data logging to FTP server and Modbus TCP. The PLC programs can be password protected. Additionally, different security levels can be set, according to customer needs. The CPU unit can store two programs. In the event of fault, no SD memory card is needed to return to a previously saved backup program. Operational and program editing events are logged. Automatic logs of program download and upload are useful, especially for program debugging. The FP7 integrates several features that facilitate maintenance, diagnostics and troubleshooting. Set a maintenance schedule that is based on automatic measurement of contact switching cycles or overall ON time.