Panasonic SF4C-F light curtain has a 10 mm 0.394 in beam pitch which allows additional protection while reducing overall size. In using the light curtain, please establish a control system to satisfy the below items in order to ensure safety with a total system. The response time of all finger protection light curtains in the SF4C-F series is 9 ms or less. Recalculation of the safety distance is unnecessary for each time light curtain length is changed. Available work space is expanded from the previous model, and productivity is improved. The bright LED indicators located in the center of both sides of each light curtain can be illuminated green or red by using external inputs. There is no need for setting up a separate indicator, so that equipment is consolidated. The beam channels of the light curtain are displayed in four blocks so that incident light position is shown at a glance. When the beam channel at the bottommost channel (or topmost channel), which is used as a reference for beam-axis alignments, is correctly aligned, the LED blinks red. After this, each block lights red as the beam axes successively become aligned. When all channel beam axes are aligned, all LEDs light green. The display also has a stability indicator (STB) added so that setup can be carried out with greater stability.