Omron Touch HMI 5.7 in TFT LCD

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Omron Electronics, NS Series, NS5-V2 Programmable Terminal, 5.7 inch TFT color LCD, 256 display colors, 320 x 240 dots, no Ethernet, Black case, 24 VDC, 20.4 – 27.6 VDC voltage range, 15 W max
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Programmable Terminals
NS Series

  • 5.7 to 12.1 inch sizes are available.
  • A hand-held version of the NS5 is now available to perform operations at the production site. The NS-series PT's have a complete set of functions that can be used at the production site.
  • The Smart Active Parts(SAP Library) makes it easy to connect to OMRON PLCs and components, OMRON provides a development environment that requires with no programming and no screen designing.
  • When an error occurs in a Unit in the OMRON PLCs, the Troubleshooter SAP Library provides an easy-to understand explanation of the cause of the error as well as the countermeasures.
  • Ladder Monitor come as a Standard Feature. The ladder program can be monitored onsite without a laptop! Ladder monitor lets you monitor PLC program status, search for addresses or instructions, monitor multiple I/O points, and much more.
  • Provides the FA integrated tool package "CX-One" for a Screen Design Software Integrated Simulation come as a Standard Feature. The integrated simulation function simulates ladder programs and screen data simultaneously even without the actual hardware.
  • Screens support 42 languages and the Support Software supports eight. System messages can be displayed in eight languages.
  • Single Port Multi Access (SPMA) come as a Standard Feature. The ladder program and screen data can be transferred from a single port!
  • Connectable PLCs and devices appear one after another. Has become connectable with the PLCs of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and the Inverters of OMRON Corporation.